8BallRuler 1.2

Improves the aiming in Pool Live Tour
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1.2 (See all)
Get a better read on the aiming as well as on the trajectory of the balls after impact in Pool Live Tour and increase or decrease the ball size.

This is an application that will help you in aiming and doing reflections on Pool Live tour. The only change in this version is that you can decrease and increase the ball size a little bit more than before. In order to use reflector you must have 8BallRuler 1.1. Adjust the 4 wall to the board (Use arrow keys to resize the walls) and re-size the lines (“Z” or “X”) to the size of the balls.
You can save the size to Any Number from 1 to 7 ( By Pressing Ctrl the number you want save ) to load the saved sizes just press the number where you saved it.

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